Saturday, 29 June 2019

Two exhibition Sartory bows meet up after 110 years apart!

It was a pleasure to have these two Exhibition bows together for a few days!

The 'Cello bow had recently sold in Europe for £75,000

It is noticeable that once again Sartory prices are

are on the rise,  understandable so in a worldwide bow market where the pressure on prices shows no sign whatsoever of calming down!

There are two Gold and Tortoiseshell Sartory bows available from August at Peter Hembrough bows.  It is an honour to offer them to the discerning violinist capable of lateral thinking!

We wish the Persoit, Maire and Fonclause well as they head off to new owners in Europe.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Bernard Millant 1929-2017

This month we remember our true friend....the wonderful Bernard Millant.

  Every moment with him was a pure joy, an adventure together, of discovery and pleasure.  For people outside the close knit dealer community it is tempting to think of dealers as people who are fond of money.  For the true dealer this is not the case, necessary yes, funding for the next purchase.  The true dealer is trying all the time to learn and help others discover the
 wonderful world of french bow making at its best.  
  There is one more, very important attribute to being a fine dealer and that is friendship with your colleagues from all over the world.  I have known many for over twenty-five years now, I value their help and friendship keenly.

   This month we have a delightful Viola bow made recently by Michael J Taylor, in mint unused condition.  A superb Francois Xavier Tourte model made by the United Kingdom's greatest living maker.  As Bernard said....'Michael is one of the best'...I could not agree more.

  Of course after the sale of the last two early Sartory bows a few weeks ago I have a new Sartory with a clavette repair to the head from 1905-1908 period, just sensational in all respects.   The Taylor is £4800 the Sartory £10,000.  Both rather rare they wont be here too long!

Monday, 14 January 2019

Enjoy an early Sartory in spring 2019!

Peter Hembrough bows are pleased and proud to offer two early rare bows by Eugene Sartory, both with some damage so possible for the working violinist!   Dating from 1893 and 1895 complete with certificates from Jean-Francois Raffin of Paris they are truly a delight to use.

  The earlier bow is clearly very close in design to his mentor of this time Joseph Lamy pere although the choice of pernambuco is quintessentially Sartory.  It is rare to see bows made by him so early as he would have been in his early twenties, of course the great thing about early bows is that he made them and not the group that worked for him once he became so successful.   

Note that the later bow is in Vuillaume style, wonderful and super rare, in thirty years as a bow dealer I have only seen three.  I was involved in selling the ex Szigeti example in the U S A a few years ago, it sold for $28,000.   

Do get in touch if you have a love for Sartory, Happy New Year!

Both sold with thanks March 2019 keep watching for new stock!

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Stunning early Lafleur bow stays for three days before being sold.

Here is a wonderful example of one of the very best early makers Joseph Rene Lafleur.

   Made around 1830 there is something magical about the best bows from this period in that the makers are aware of the dominance of the great Francois Xavier Tourte, he is at this point still making and a major influence in Paris, he died in 1835.
   At the same time each great maker is searching to find  their own model, often a variant on Tourte.  At first sight some of these concepts may seem not to be aesthetically perfect, thinking of say Persoit.  This is of course an error, we must just train our eyes to understand more, once the initial ignorance has lifted thus great beauty is encountered.  Ignorance is a dangerous presence when studying bows and makers output!
  This bow is travelling next week to its lucky new owner, a recitalist and quartet leader in northern Spain, he shall enjoy the companionship of a superb and extremely rare bow in his musical endeavours and I wish him, and the bow well.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

A fine Dominique Peccatte arrives from France circa 1860

   Just over the last year or so sales behind the scenes have often been of earlier makers, notably F. X. Tourte and Persoit.  Today I am delighted to announce the arrival of this very fine Dominique Peccatte bow, complete with a certificate from Jean-Francois Raffin.  Details shall soon be in the fine bows section, what a delight to see his characteristic 'S' shape to the front ridge on the head in the photograph to the right.


  As I have done over the last ten years if you look in the fine bows section you shall see several bows have new 'summer sale' prices!   Also be aware very fine violins are available and a couple of very high specification Musafia cases are here for the discerning violinist....Happy Summer!

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Although a bow dealer I do often find first class instruments for violinist, most recently a superb Hannibale Fagnola.  Here for instance, is the most attractive Eugenio Degani I have ever seen, in first class condition.  Surely any serious violinist would be delighted to play on such an instrument.   It is available to try in a custom made recital hall in the Cotswolds area along with the other instruments in my violin section.   Price?  £58,000 but with a built in easy payment scheme.  It is always such a relief for a violinist when they have found their ideal violin, a fine Degani is tough to beat! 

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Happy 2018

Happy new year to all who visit Peter Hembrough bows.  
Here is a rare and beautiful item from Victor Fetique's shop on Rue Myrha in Paris.  He moved into this shop in 1913 and stayed there until his death in 1933.  Just the thing to keep your treasured Fetique in when not in use. 

 Just like today Fetique was concerned to keep these travel cases for bows as small as possible  in order that full size bows could travel in safety when being delivered to new owners.  To do this Fetique undid the button and then screwed it into the now slightly moved frog adjacent to the handle, this saved about eight millimetres in length.   Today this is a rare and much prized item.